Emilia Sahraie


It is my greatest honour to introduce you to the Beta Kappa Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi! My name is Emilia Sahraie and I'm a third year International Relations student at UBC. I am currently serving as our Chapter President, and have served on our Executive Committee as the Vice President of Event Management. I hope our website allows you to see the power of our sisterhood for yourself!


I came home to ADPi in January of 2018, and it has truly been a life-changing experience. I have been able to expand my horizons in all aspects of my life — from setting high standards in academic achievement, to professional networking opportunities, and being able to constantly give back to my community and the Ronald McDonald House. Throughout my leadership opportunities in ADPi, I have learned so much about myself as a leader, and the value behind surrounding myself with confident and strong-willed women. Every ADPi is unique in her own way, and we celebrate how our authenticity empowers us to accomplish remarkable things! Along the way, I have found some of the greatest friends that have stuck by me for all the ups and downs of university. I know that they’ll be by my side for the long run, which is why ADPi will always be my home away from home. I hope to get a chance to meet you during Formal Recruitment and share with you more of what Alpha Delta Pi means to me!





Lauren Newell-Madu

Vice President Operations

Hi! My name is Lauren Newell-Madu and it is my great privilege to serve as this years Vice President Operations for the Beta Kappa Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi. I came home to Alpha Delta Pi in 2017 in my first year at UBC and have lived in Vancouver my entire life. I am a Sociology Major with with a Minor in Health and Society. Previously, I have served as our chapters Ritual Specialist and as Vice President Membership Experience.

As Vice President Operations it is my responsibility to ensure the chapter functions properly and assist with all communication networks. I support officers in their roles and act as a liaison both internally in our local chapter and internationally with Executive Office.

As a legacy of Alpha Delta Pi, this sisterhood truly runs deep for me. ADPi is an incredible support system of women that have pushed me to reach my highest potential as a scholar, academic, philanthropist, and leader. What makes this organization so special is that while we are all incredibly unique, we each bring something to the table and encourage each other through the truest of friendship. Alpha Delta Pi will surly provide you with your role models, your best friends, and your biggest supporters. I cannot wait for you to find your home here too!





Mila Kragulj 

Vice President of Membership Experience

My name is Mila Kragulj and I am the Vice President of Membership Experience for the Beta Kappa Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi! I grew up in Vancouver, BC and I joined ADPi in my first year at UBC. I am an English Literature Major in my third year pursuing a career in early childhood education. 


As Vice President of Membership Experience, I am excited to be leading a dedicated team of amazing women in planning and executing Chapter activities and sisterhood events this year. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities that Alpha Delta Pi has given me to become more involved in my community on campus, including athletics and leadership, and to have found my home away from home in Alpha Delta Pi. 





Anna Kooner

Vice President Marketing

Hello! My name is Anna Kooner and this my second year of ADPi and second year being on the Executive Committee.

This year I am serving as the VP of Marketing. I chose to run for this role because of my passion for recruitment as well as branding and being creative.

Alpha Delta Pi means so much to me there are truly no words. I have grown so much being a part of this organization and I cannot wait to see where it will take me!!





Abigail Bothwell

Vice President Finance

I’m Abby Bothwell, the Vice President of Finance for the Beta Kappa Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi! I am a third year Commerce student specializing in Marketing with a minor in Psychology, born and raised in Vancouver.

I joined ADPi in my first year, and never looked back. ADPi has given me balance, purpose, and surrounded me with women who I look up to. It just feels like home, and there’s no place quite like it. I am so excited to give back to an organization that has not only shaped my UBC experience, but has made me who I am today.

At Beta Kappa, I ensure that our finances aligns with our Chapter programming and goals. I am honoured to be able to apply my interests in business to an organization I am so passionate about. I hope to help others build an equally enriching experience with UBC Sororities and find their home away from home.






Sarah Bedard

Vice President Membership Development

My name is Sarah Bedard and I am the Vice President Member Development at the Beta Kappa Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi. My role is to empower our members to hold themselves and each other accountable for their actions, to maintain internal communication and to foster an environment and culture of validation and growth. I am currently in my third year of school pursuing a Bachelor of Kinesiology.

As I am originally from Edmonton, I joined ADPi in my first year of university in hopes of finding a community at UBC and ADPi has definitely become my home away from home. Through ADPi I met my roommates, my best friends, and girls who are always there to support me. I cannot imagine my undergraduate experience without being surrounded by such thoughtful and driven women who are constantly pushing me out of my comfort zone to accomplish my goals!





Gabby Levy

Vice President Events Managment

I joined ADPi in my first year and have never looked back! As Vice President Events Management I get to work with a large verity of people and plan events for my sisters and I. Such as Formal, semi-formal and events with other chapters. I also get to work with the rest of our amazing social team including; philanthropy, sports, and diamond ball coordinators. Between playing on intramural teams and sisterhood events there is never a dull moment and I am so thankful for ADPi!




Allie Price

Vice President Panhellenic Relations

Hi! My name is Allie Price, and I serve as the Vice President of Panhellenic Relations for Beta Kappa chapter of ADPi! I’m a second year Geography major originally from Southern California, and I came home to ADPi in my first year at UBC. As VPPR, I am responsible for any and all communications between the Panhellenic Council and our Chapter, as well as Beta Kappa with ADPi International. I am so thankful that I found my home, not only in ADPi, but throughout the Panhellenic community.

Serving as VPPR has allowed me to meet and interact with so many girls from throughout the Greek community, making new friendships and strengthening our relationships throughout the different chapters. One of the best things about UBC Sororities is that not only do you gain friendships throughout your chapter, but throughout every single sorority on campus. It’s such a strong community that has provided me with countless opportunities, lifelong memories, and the best support system I could ask for. I am so thankful that I get to be surrounded by strong women, and I hope you’ll get the change to feel the love and support that UBC Sororities has to offer!





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