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Alexia Mikulik


It is my greatest honour to introduce you to the Beta Kappa Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi! My name is Alexia Mikulik and I am a fourth year Political Science student at UBC, currently serving as our chapter President. I hope our website helps you to see the power of our sisterhood for yourself.



Joining Alpha Delta Pi in September of 2015 was the best thing I could have done to shape my university experience. I am constantly surrounded by women who motivate and support me, and who encourage me to be my best self. Through the leadership opportunities presented in ADPi, I have found value in challenging myself to step outside my comfort zone and have learned to use my voice to for the betterment of my community. Alpha Delta Pi has made me a stronger woman and more confident leader, and I know that I would not be who am I today had it not been part of my journey. Alpha Delta Pi will provide you with your role models, your best friends, and your biggest supporters. I cannot wait for you to find yours here too <3 





Sarah Dalman

Executive Vice President

My name is Sarah Dalman and I am the Executive Vice President of Alpha Delta Pi UBC. My role is to maintain communication with the greater ADPi community, to ensure all administrative documents are submitted on time, collect weekly and monthly reports from officers, and to notify the chapter of upcoming events and deadlines. I'm currently in my third year of school pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics. 


I joined ADPi in my first year of university in the hopes of finding a community at UBC. Not only did I find a community within ADPi, but I was also lucky enough to find my best friends, roommates, study buddies and a constant source of support. ADPi has helped shaped me into the person I am today and I feel lucky to be surrounded by so many smart, driven women who continue to push me to accomplish my goals. 





Lauren Newell-Madu 

Membership Education Vice President

My name is Lauren Newell-Madu and I am the Membership Education Vice President for the Beta Kappa Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi. When I came home to ADPi in my first year of university I knew that I had found the community I had always dreamed of being a part of. From the friendship I have made, the opportunities I have grown from, and the experience I have had, I am so humbled and proud to be part of an organization of such strong and empowering women. 


As MEVP, my position entails overall membership experience and ensuring that our chapter abides by our sacred ritual. I am responsible for all chapter programming including Chapter Retreat and the planning of Initiation into our sisterhood. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve on this year's Executive Committee and I will strive to many this organization the best it can be. 





Natalie Pretty 

Recruitment & Marketing Vice President

My name is Natalie Pretty and I am the Recruitment and Marketing Vice President for the Beta Kappa Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi. I am originally from Calgary and joined ADPi in my first year of university. In ADPi I have found my home away from home. 

Alpha Delta Pi has given me sisters, friends, a roommate, study buddies and so much more. They are the people I can rely at all times of the day and these people push me to be the best version of myself. I could not have found a better group of people to surround myself with. 

As the Recruitment and Marketing Vice President I want to show the authenticity of this amazing, inspiring group of women and help to encourage others to join my home away from home. 





Anna Kooner

Finance Vice President

I’m Anna the Finance Vice President for the Beta Kappa Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi. I handle all of the chapters finances as well as ensure that our goals can be achieved through our budgeting.


This is my first year of being in ADPi while being a second-year student! I wanted to see the growth of this amazing chapter internally and thought holding a position would be beneficial to that. This chapter is filled with genuine and inspirational woman who saw the utmost potential in me. They have time and time again, pushed me to be the best version of myself, and for that, I am eternally grateful. I am so for the opportunity to serve on this year’s Executive Committee and cannot wait to what this year brings our chapter. 





Gabriela Markman

Director of Standards & Ethics

Welcome to our Beta Kappa Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi! My name is Gabriela Markman 

and I am the Director of Standards and Ethics. In my position and as a member of Alpha Delta Pi, I strive to uphold our values and principles, and to empower our members to hold each other accountable for their actions.I am also the chair of the Standards team, member of the Executive Committee and member of the Executive Board.


I joined ADPi in my second year of university and I cannot imagine my post secondary journey any other way. Being an Alpha Delta Pi woman has given me the skills and tools to not only grow as an individual but also to support and help those around me. From the friendships I've made to the philanthropic opportunities I've had the privilege of partaking in, I am so proud and honoured to be a part of an organization filled with such incredible women.





Emilia Sahraie

Director of Social Enrichment

My name is Emilia Sahraie and I'm the Director of Social Enrichment for the Beta Kappa Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi. My position entails planning our annual semi-formal, formal, and weekly exchanges with the various fraternities on campus. I work hard planning these events because my sisters work hard with their academic studies, careers, and volunteering. The least I can do is provide them with a way to relax after a long week, or celebrate after exams.

Having the opportunity to be on our sorority’s Executive Committee has allowed to expand my horizons in all manners possible - I find myself both with increased responsibilities as well as an unmatched devotion to the chapter itself, growing my connection to the sorority as a whole entirely. Having joined Alpha Delta Pi in my second year of university enabled further growth in areas I was not able to reach in my first year in terms of connections and academics. Suddenly having an immense support system as well as an endless amount of resources has let me flourish into becoming the most illustrious version of myself. I am absolutely ecstatic to meet you during Formal Recruitment and can only hope that the feeling of warmth and comfort that washed over me upon walking through our chapter room’s doors equals at least half of your experience.





Imran Rai

Panhellenic Delegate

Welcome to Alpha Delta Pi! My name is Imran Rai and I am a third year Sociology major with a minor in Law and Society and Beta Kappa’s Panhellenic Delegate. As Panhel Del, I am responsible for any and all communication between the Panhellenic Council and our Chapter. I am so thankful that I found my home, not only in ADPi, but in the Greek community.


Being the Panhellenic Delegate is incredible as it allows me to meet and interact girls from each of the different sororities on campus, making new friendships and strengthening our relationships with other chapters. I can honestly say that in the past 2 years, this community has provided me with countless opportunities, along the the best friends and memories I could have ever asked for. I am so grateful for the strong women that surround me and I really hope you’ll get the chance to feel the love and support UBC sororities has to offer!