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Niki Chapdelaine

Formal Recruitment Chair

On behalf of the Beta Kappa Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi, I am thrilled to welcome you to UBC’s Formal Recruitment process. Three years ago, I was in your shoes: both nervous and excited about my journey here at UBC. It is so easy to get lost amongst the thousands of students in this campus, so going through recruitment was undoubtedly the best decision I made; it allowed me to find my place and a community in which I belong.


Within these walls, I found my best friends, my travel buddies, my role models, and my support system. There is never a shortage of friends that I can count on to call for advice while they listen to me ramble about my life problems, or that I can have late night Domino’s with after an exhausting day in the library. Whether it is pranking another sister, getting pied in the face at Diamond Ball, or laughing until we cry about the most pointless things, these women never fail to put a smile on my face.


As a member of Alpha Delta Pi, I have been offered endless opportunities that I would have never taken had it not been from the extra push of encouragement from my sisters. Dancing ridiculously in front of a huge crowd? Holding a leadership position? Storming a twelve-foot wall? If anyone had told me I would be doing these things three years ago I would have never believed them. This organization has provided me with more memories and experiences than I could have ever imagined, and for that I am grateful.


Now I’m encouraging each and every one of you to take advantage of this amazing opportunity that will provide you with everything you need to make your university experience unforgettable, from sports, academics, philanthropy, leadership, and sisterhood. I cannot wait to meet all of you in the fall, and I hope you find your home just like I have found mine!




For more information, contact Niki!