We are SO SO excited to welcome PC 2020 home to ADPi

Here are some fun memories of our Bid Day excitement!!

WE are so lucky to have been able to expand our little family!! We all can't wait to make new memories with our newest sisters!


Check Out Our

2020 Recruitment 

Video Above!


“My name is Sianne and I will be going into my third year at UBC this fall. I am in the Faculty of Science, studying Biology and I hope to pursue a career as a pediatrician in the future. During my first few weeks at UBC, I found myself overwhelmed by the huge classes and campus, especially coming from such a small highschool. I had no intention of going through recruitment but I thought I should give it a try and I was met with such an incredible experience. As someone who has never had an Instagram account, I’ve always felt a little out of the loop when it comes to knowing the new trends that are out there or the new memes that have everyone giggling. I’ve always preferred to make in-person connections with others and being in ADPi has allowed me to meet individuals who actually want to hear about what I value most. From fulfilling my big sister duty of babysitting my 7 year old sister to connecting with patients at the BC Children’s Hospital as a Child Life volunteer, I’ve always found my fondest memories are those surrounded by children. I would never trade the extra time I have had to foster the various relationships in my life! I am so fortunate to be surrounded by such an amazing group of women who value each person’s uniqueness!”⁣

“My name is Alex and I am in my third year of studying a Combined Major in Science with a focus on life science, physics and chemistry at UBC, hoping to pursue a career in medicine or clinical research. As a shy and quiet first year, joining a sorority was something that had never sparked my interest, but registering last minute for formal recruitment has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. At first, going through recruitment alone seemed terrifying, but as soon as I walked into ADPi, I instead found myself inspired by all of the passionate, motivated and supportive women I met and who I now have the privilege of calling my sisters. I can’t imagine what my life would have been like at UBC without ADPi and I am forever grateful to call it my home.”⁣



Let's take a look at this year's new dynamic Big/Little duos!!

Nora + Jada

Serena + Yasmin

Halle + Chloe

Ellie + Nicole

Natasha + Lorena

Abigail +Alena

Grace +Kyra

Madalyn + Maddie

Elisa + Lauren

Nicky + Salma

Bianca + Jenna

Sofia + Mikaela

Sara + Alison

Hayal + Daniela

Sophie + Allie

Gracie + Tessa

Sadie + Megan

Nicole + Ali

Oren + Natasha

So happy to expand our ADPi fam!

Angelica + Taylor

Mikhaela + Olivia

Alexis + Sameen

Olivia + Mila

Mercedes + Monika

Sidney + Natalie

Taylor + Caleigh

Annika + Sarah

Ella + Raichel

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