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Academic excellence is of the utmost importance to the sisters of Alpha Delta Pi. Sisters are actively encouraged to excel in their studies at the University of British Columbia or wherever their studies may take them. We never lose sight of the fact that education is a top priority for our members. Alpha Delta Pi places a strong emphasis on scholarship with the aim of fostering each individual's determination for academic success. 

On a weekly basis, sisters are rewarded for their academic achievements and we are always happy to help each other with school work. We recognize our members for their high academic achievements, as well as for demonstrating an improvement in their study habits and attitudes towards their education. 

Through planned study hours, study tips, campus resources, and the help of our sisters, our Chapter consistently achieves a competitive GPA with both the campus-wide and Panhellenic averages. 


Sarah Bedard

Scholarship Chair

Out of the many things I’ve learned at UBC, whether it’s how to write a research paper or perform a titration, I’ve learned that a university education is much more than passing your courses and getting a degree. During your time as an undergraduate student, the Beta Kappa Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi wants you to challenge yourself academically, explore your interests, discover what you like, what you dislike, take risks, opportunities, and ultimately find the reason why you came to study at UBC in the first place.


ADPi’s are committed to high academic standards, and to that of each other’s. The amount of scholarly support I see is one of my favourite things about being Scholarship Chair. There is always someone who will go study with you late at night, proofread your essay, or share their spot in an already crowded library. As part of my role, I host weekly study halls at the library, run fun study incentives, and inform members of campus career fairs, workshops, and scholarship opportunities. In addition, we coordinate faculty-specific groups so members can connect by sharing advice, notes or even tutor each other. When a sister is struggling in school we also have personalized programs in place to ensure they receive access to help and resources they need, even if it is just some encouragement!


Looking back, as an ADPi it’s been a privilege to have sisters whose academic career at UBC is inspiring to say the least. I’ve witnessed them ace graduate school entry exams, take-on their own research projects, do the impossible to get the summer internship of their dreams, or simply endure the tedious grind of studying with the ease and grace of someone who clearly knows what they’re doing, and most importantly, why.


No matter what time-consuming or challenging tasks the schedule of a busy ADPi demands, at the end of the day, she will always be a scholar first. To all my present or future sisters, I hope that ADPi is a place that fosters and fuels your academic pursuits, all the way to graduation