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Vice President Events Managment

Hi! My name is Lorena Zoltan and I’m the Vice President of Event Management for the Beta Kappa chapter of Alpha Delta Pi. I’m a second-year Science student majoring in Physics, Chemistry, and Life Sciences. I was born in Europe but I grew up in Vancouver, BC for most of my life.


I joined ADPi in my first year and can honestly say that I’ve never looked back. ADPi has given me balance, purpose, and surrounded me with women who I look up to every day that are constantly helping me learn and grow. 

As Vice President of Event Management, I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to plan a variety of social events and work with a vast amount of people. I am excited to be leading such a hardworking team in planning and executing social events this year. I am beyond grateful for the community and opportunities that ADPi has given me and I truly could not ask for a better support system.




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